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Wrap your international project with peace of mind knowing everything will be handled by Tenti TV. We will take of all on the ground procedures including, hired equipment and collecting receipts and release forms. Additionally, our experienced translators will provide time-coded translations of each interview. They will also attend your edit to assist your editor with detailed information about what is happening in each shot and answer any questions that may arise.
We can assist crew with production from A-Z.
Along with our partners we provide a range of equipment including, tents, generators, drones, cameras and sound equipment. Take the stress out of travelling with your equipment by renting with Tenti.TV
Tenti TV's parent company is a tour and logistics company that offers a wide range of transportation services. Our fleet has a variety of of options starting with comfort and VIP class vehicles, expedition SUVs, minibuses, and buses. We provide radios and WIFI in all of our vehicles so you can always be in contact with your team.
We assists you by scouting exciting locations according to your production requirements. Once filming locations are chosen we will coordinate all of the technical aspects for each site on your behalf. Our location services include, scouting, management, and permitting.
We are your local facilitator for every aspect of the pre-production process. We assist with everything from story development, to location scouting, acquiring filming and location permits, crew and equipment hire, as well as, stakeholder negotiations.





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