Facilitating your next great idea by providing production,
logistics, and mission support, on the ground, in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

About Us

Tenti.tv was founded with the goal of providing production support services to international film and TV crews. Since the launch, the company has expanded to include a whole array of services. We are a leading production, logistics, and mission support company in Kyrgyzstan, providing businesses and individuals alike with consistent, dependable, and quality service. Our track record speaks for itself, having facilitated a range of projects from big to small.

Tenti.tv is a subsidiary of a tour company, giving us an advantage over our competition. By using our parent company’s know-how, connections, and extensive experience of arranging complex tours and missions to remote areas in the country we stand above the rest.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and our ability to adapt to every client’s individual needs.

Check out our previous projects here, or contact us at fixer@tenti.tv
to get started on your next project in Kyrgyzstan.
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