Water Wars with Katie Arnold

Our partnership with Miss Arnold started at research and pre-production phase. We also accompanied Miss Arnold through her trip across the country and assisted in the production of the film.
About the project
Katie Arnold is a multi-media journalist and television producer who traveled to Kyrgyzstan in the summer of 2018. While here, she produced a film on water issues in the region, and the conflicts that have arisen due to water scarcity in the countries that neighbor Kyrgyzstan. 

I had the pleasure of working with the team at KPLM on a three week documentary shoot which took us to the furthest corners of Kyrgyzstan. On top of the seamless logistical and production assistance offered by KPLM, Aibek played a vital editorial role - employing professionalism and integrity in order to identify content for the film which addressed a very sensitive topic. With an exhaustive list of contacts across the country and perfect command of the English language, Aibek is without doubt the best man for the job and I could not recommend him highly enough. 
 - Katie Arnold, multi-media journalist and television producer.
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