Wings of Kyrgyzstan

Thousands of years ago, as the "wings of the people", they became the faithful companions of a large nomadic people. Today small horses are an important part of the cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz in their search for identity and are still a symbol of freedom and mobility. Based on his own life story, a "good brown horse" reveals what it means to be the "wings of the modern Kyrgyz". Through the voice and gaze of a horse, this short documentary tells the story of a poetic journey into an ancient nomadic culture.
About the project
Founder of Aibek Adigineev worked as the fixer and assisted in finding locations, characters and obtaining filming and locations permits.
"Wings of Kyrgyzstan"
"Wings of Kyrgyzstan"
"Wings of Kyrgyzstan"
"Wings of Kyrgyzstan"
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